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(This post is a response to Sports Cards Uncensored)

The year was 1989.  People were flocking to the movies to see Batman and Ghostbusters II.  Nintendo released the first version of the GameBoy, and I attended my very first sports memorabilia show.

When I was only three years old, I attended my very first sports memorabilia show at the local mall.  I don’t remember a lot about it, except that Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Famer Willie Stargell was signing autographs.  I can remember being pushed around in my stroller and looking at a lot of things, but I really didn’t  have any idea what was going on.   When it was time to get in line to meet Willie Stargell, for some crazy reason I started to cry.  I kept crying the whole we were in line and even when Stargell was signing my baseball.

Even though I didn’t really start getting involved in collecting sports cards and memorabilia until about nine years later, I kept the baseball he autographed for me.  It still looks the same as it did the day he signed it.  It will remain in my personal collection forever -where it can be found sitting safely atop one of my shelves, safely tucked away inside a protective ball cube.  Right now I don’t collect Pittsburgh Pirates memorabilia, but I consider this ball the centerpiece of my collection because it is the very first piece of sports memorabilia I ever received.

The hobby is filled with a lot of different collectors.  Some are out just for the money, and others are in it for the fun.  I hate to say it, but I think more people are entering the hobby for the wrong reasons.  Sports cards should, and will always be part of America.  People need to sit back, relax, and not get ticked off when they break a box and don’t pull that one-of-one.

Just in case you’re wondering.  The only time I cry at a sports memorabilia shows now, is when its time to leave or I’m out of money.


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