Introducing 2008 Upper Deck Documentary

2008 Upper Deck Documentary is the first set ever to chronicle every single game of the 2008 MLB season.  Within the set there is one card for every game played this past season.  The entire base set consists of 4,890 cards, which means there are 163 cards for each MLB team.  The 163 cards will include 162 regular season games and one season highlight card. Those teams that participated in one-game playoffs at the end of the season will have that playoff game card reflected instead of the season-highlight card. Each of the game cards includes that game’s box score on the cardback, as well as the Division standings at the time of the game in question.

2008 Upper Deck Documentary hits shelves this week with 15 cards per pack and 24 packs per box.

Content Highlights:

One (1) Seasonal Signature per box on average

Twenty four (24) Gold Parallels per box on average

Product Breakdown:

Regular Cards

  • Base set = 4,890 cards

Inserts and Parallel Cards

  • Regular Card Gold Parallel
  • All-Star Game Insert (1:4)

Autograph Cards (1 per box on average)

Seasonal Signatures



I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a pack with 15 cards inside.  I would be interested in seeing what some of the Phillies cards look like.  

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