Jimmy Hoffa Found In My Town

This evening I was browsing eBay for cut signatures and came across this one of Jimmy Hoffa from 2007 Playoff National Treasures #’ed/2.  I was really surprised to see where it is located, Selinsgrove, PA, right where I live.  Looking at the seller I can see its one of my local cards shops, Sports Zone Memorabilia.  You wanna know whats really strange?  Hoffa once spent time in jail in Lewisburg, PA which is only a couple of minutes away from Selinsgrove.  What are the odds of that?


One Response

  1. You’re in Selinsgrove, PA hunh? My family had a house there some years past, and my Great-Great Grandfather was the superintendent of the Normal School in Selinsgrove. I believe I have some relatives buried there as well.

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