Q & A – What is the value of a ’90 UD Reggie Jackson Auto #’ed/2,500?


Question: I have a question for yah. When I was twelve, I pulled a 1990 UD Reggie  Jackson autographed card out of a pack. It was numbered 2062/2500. I was only twelve, and sold it for a cool thousand bucks so I could buy my first dirt bike. I’m wondering what its worth today if I had held on to it?  I was hoping you might know. Thanks.

Answer: You were smart to sell that card.  In today’s market the ’90 Upper Deck Reggie Jackson auto #’ed/2,500 sells for around $80.00 – $100.00.  Back in the early 90’s pulling an autographed card was a big deal, but in today’s hobby, there are autographed cards everywhere.  That Reggie Jackson auto will always hold a slight premium because it was the first autographed card inserted into a pack.  Thanks for the question.

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