Interesting 1-of-1 Technique

The Topps Vault sells a lot of interesting items that you might not find anywhere else.  One of the items they have been selling for sometime are File Copy cards that come encased in a BVG holder, and labled a 1-of-1.  After reading the description on one of these cards, it sounds like Topps is calling these cards 1-of-1 just because it was their copy of the card.  I thought it was labled a 1-of-1 because maybe it had a blank back, like a proof, or perhaps Topps put a special foil logo on the card, but thats not the case at all.  Other than the holder they’re in, they are just like the regular cards you could pull from a pack.  If thats the way they think of 1-of-1’s, than all my cards could be considered 1-of-1’s because they are my copies 🙂 


Topps Vault File Copy


Basic 1975 Topps Jim Palmer

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