More Christmas Cards

If you are an avid reader of The Cardboard Connection, you may have seen my story on Santa Claus cards.  There are a ton of Holiday cards made by some of the hobby’s biggest card manufacturers.  Here are a few Holiday cards that I find intersting.


2000 Upper Deck Kobe Bryant Authentic Worn Santa Suit:

In 2000, Upper Deck produced a few Holiday cards featuring athletes dressed in a Santa costume.  Each card comes with a swatch of costume inside the card.  These were only given out to Upper Deck employees, but its not uncommon to find one up for sale.


2007 Upper Deck Babe Ruth Season’s Greetings:

This Babe Ruth card was sent to collectors on Upper Deck’s Holiday mailing list.  I like it because the card features Ruth in a classic pose, and the card has a nice red border to it.


2004 Upper Deck Yankee’s Past & Present:

These cards were also sent to dealers and measures 4 3/4″ x 6 1/4″.  The card is designed to look like a postcard sent from Cooperstown, NY on Dec. 5, 1939.  The front of the card features Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Derek Jeter.  


2000 Topps Gold Label Holiday Match-Ups Inserts:

Back in 2000, Topps Gold Label created an insert set called Holiday-Matchups.  Each card features two players that apparently make good match-ups for that time.  


2005 Press Pass Victory Lane:

Every year Press Pass comes out with a Holiday card or set for collectors.  They always feature Santa racing his sleigh.


2002 Sport Kings Mini Santa Claus:

Last, but not least, the 2002 Sport Kings Mini Santa Claus has to be my personal favorite holiday card.  To quote my post on The Cardboard Connection, “It looks like Santa is about to smack an elf who didn’t quite make their quota.”

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  1. The Babe Ruth 5 x 7 wasn’t just sent to dealers, Upper Deck has a holiday mailing list, and it was sent to all on that list. They sent me one last year to thank me for all my help on, which is a trading card game site, heavily dominated by Upper Deck’s Yu-Gi-Oh card game.

    It is a darn nice card though, I have mine framed.

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