How Does The Pat Burrell Deal Make Me Feel?


Here is Pat Burrell, with what looks like a lost child in the Rays locker room.  Burrell will always remain one of my favorite Phillies of all-time, but I really wish he would have stayed.  I guess this is what to expect after a team wins the World Series.  His signature swing will remain one of the Phillies most memorable.  Now that he has turned to the darkside, lets hope the Phillie’s new outfielder will do just a good job as Burrell did.  I can still remember when I received his 1999 Upper Deck Signature Edition Rookie autograph 8 years ago.  By the way, when I heard Burrell made a deal with the Rays, there was only one video on YouTube that could express the way I feel 🙂

One Response

  1. As a Rays fan, I’m ecstatic. That’s the Rays “executive vice president of baseball operations” Andrew Friedman (a.k.a. general manager) in the picture with Burrell by the way. I really don’t understand why the Phillies gave that huge deal to Ibanez, when they could have brought back a better, younger, and cheaper Pat Burrell.

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