Package Received from the U.K.

Yesturday I received a package in the mail from John over in the U.K.  Inside was a large stack of Phillies cards for my collection.  While placing the cards in my album I realized he sent me a Mickey Morandini 1991 Score RC, a few Phillies cards from 1970 Topps, and my personal favorite is the Darren Daulton 1993 Topps Black Gold insert.  John writes for A Pack A Day and you should check out the site.  Its one of the better sports card blogs.  Once I get some more Red Sox stuff built up, I’ll send them your way.  I guess that means I need to open more boxes.  Well, if I have to, I have to 🙂

On a side note, I was able to get the photo of myself and the 2008 World Series Trophy scanned.  The Phillies had a whole photo booth setup, and were pumping these things out left and right.


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