Insane Inserts: ’98 Red Crusade vs. ’08 Sterling Red Refractor

The color red is very popular within the sports card industry.  Depending on the product, pulling a parallel with a red color could mean you have a high numbered card or a low numbered card.  


In 1998 Donruss introduced the hobby to their now famous Crusade insert set.  These cards can be found in different colors such as Green #’ed/250, Purple #’ed/100, and Red #’ed/25.  Now back in 1998 pulling a card that was serial numbered to only 25 copies was a big deal, even if it wasn’t autographed.  A card numbered to 25 in ’98 was like pulling a 1/1 in 2008.  The Donruss Crusade inserts caught on like wildfire, and still hold tremendous value to this day.  The Red Donruss Crusade inserts command the most money and can be hard to find if you’re a player collector.  They look outstanding and are one of the best card designs of the ’90’s.


Topps introduced Bowman Sterling to collectors in 2004 and with it came their red refractors numbered 1/1.  Topps has included red refractors into each of their Bowman Sterling products because they know collectors are always on the hunt for them.  These red refractors can be of rookies, first year prospects, and veterans.  These also can come autographed and/or contain a relic.

Which one wins the battle of the Insane Inserts?

One Response

  1. Crusade. I’ve seen plenty of the Greens and purples, but never a red. 1/1 red cards nowadays are everywhere and are usually of noone special.

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