Q & A – Returning To The Hobby?

Question: I just got into collecting cards again. I collected when I was a kid, and now I am starting to invest in football cards. I have some quick and easy questions. Why are some cards serial numbered, IE: 219/300? What does the serial number mean? What company would be the best to buy hobby boxes of? Which Beckett should I get, monthly or semi-annually?  Do you think the 3 ring 9 card pages keep cards in good condition? Thank you ahead of time for your answers!!

Answer: Glad to hear that you’re getting back into collecting.  A serial number such as “219/300” means that there are 300 copies of that specific card printed.  There are other serial numbers such as 1/5, 100/1000, etc….  The three major manufacturers of football cards would be Topps, Upper Deck, and Donruss/Playoff.  My personal favorite company is Donruss/Playoff, but everyone has their favorite.  If you’re looking for college cards, Press Pass and SA-GE mainly manufacturer those.  As for Beckett, many collectors have their own opinions about the company.  Collectors don’t really use their price guide anymore because collectors mainly go with what cards sell for on eBay.  You can read it for the articles, but if you are looking for something better I would suggest reading hobby blogs for free on the internet.  Websites such as Sports Card Info, Wax Heaven, Stale Gum, and a whole list of others run by collectors receive product information and news a lot faster than waiting for it in print format.  I think its fine to store cards in 9-slot album pages and placed in a 3-ring binder.  I have many cards stored like that.  Congrats on returning to the hobby!

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  1. http://www.CardCornerClub.net and my Blog, http://voiceofthecollector.blogspot.com/ are also good sources of new product info.

    The one thing about 3 ring binders, Unless you have the archival system that has the binder that slides into a box, I recommend storing your binders flat

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