My New Favorite Set!

To tell you the truth, I never had a favorite set.  But today that officially has changed.  Take a look at these brand new 2009 Topps Series 1 ’08 World Series autographed / relic inserts of the Phillies.  As a huge Phillies fan these cards go right to the top of my favorites list.  Right now the prices are a little high, so I’m probably going to wait a bit until they start coming down to purchase any.  The only downside to these cards would be the foil sticker Topps decided to use for the autographs.  I think they should have used the clear ones.



3 Responses

  1. Those are great cards – but I wish that Topps had remembered that there were TWO teams in the 2008 World Series…

  2. Very nice insert set

  3. these pics makes me want to go out and grab a box! very nice for the set they will help sales I assume. Grant

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