Win a FREE Box of 2009 Topps Series 1 Baseball

Our friends over at Sports Card Fun announced another contest today.  They want to know how you store your collection.  The winner will receive a FREE hobby box of 2009 Topps Series 1 baseball cards.  Here are the contest details:

Here’s the topic:
How big is your sports card collection and how and where do you store it?  (For example, on shelves, special bookcases, in binders, a safe, etc.)

As always we WANT THE DETAILS! You’re welcome to tell us about your collection, how big do you think it will get? did you learn the hard way about storing and protecting and displaying your cards?

Here are the rules and additional guidelines for you to follow:
1. Stick to this topic: How big is your sports card collection and how and where do you store it?
2. You must write a MINIMUM 200 WORDS (less than 200 words do
not get entered to win)
3. All essays must be turned in by Sunday February 22nd, 2009
5. Use our contact form to submit your finished entry.
6. Entries of our choice will be posted on

Remember,  Sunday February 22nd, 2009 is the deadline!


Here is Sports Card Info’s entry:

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I probably have one of the most organized sports card collections in the world.  My collection consists mainly of Phillies, Dolphins, Dan Marino, Scott Rolen, and relic cards of older players.  But I’m one of those collectors that has the constant urge to bust a box of cards, which means that I usually have a lot of cards to keep organized.  My Phillies, Dolphins, Dan Marino, Scott Rolen, and autographed cards are all placed in individual albums.  The baseball and football base cards are all in white cardboard boxes.  If I pull any serial numbered inserts or rookie cards with Chrome stock I always place them in either the baseball or football top loader box.  Since I open a bunch of boxes which usually yield jerseys and autographs of less desired players, I have two white boxes for baseball and football memorabilia cards.  In my office I have a few shelves hanging on the wall that contain some of my most valuable cards.  I just can’t seem to place them in a box where I wouldn’t see them.  I learned my lesson the hard way when not keeping your collection in order.  When I first started collecting, I would mix baseball and football cards together.  After years of doing that over and over again, I realized that it was really difficult to find something I thought I might have.  Over a period of a few weekends, I separated all my cards by sport and have kept it that way ever since.  Now you won’t catch me even placing a card upside down in a box.

2 Responses

  1. Can we post pics? I feel pictures would do my organization justice.

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