Flashback Product of the Week: 1987 Topps


1987 Topps will be remembered not only for its signature wood design, but also for being one of the most overproduced sets in history.  I believe that Topps made a box of this stuff for every man, woman, and child back in 1987.  There isn’t a card show in the world that you don’t see some of this stuff.  Each factory sealed hobby box contains 36 packs with 17 cards per pack.  Some of the notable rookies in this product include Barry Bonds, Jamie Moyer, and Rafael Palmeiro.  Since this product was so overproduced, these cards hold little dollar value in the market.  The ’87 Topps Tiffany cards, which look almost identical to the basic Topps set, hold much more value to collectors.

One Response

  1. Always favorite set of mines. It was the set that got me hooked onto the hobby.

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