Interesting Mailday

Today when the UPS man knocked on the door, I thought he might be dropping off the next box from Press Pass, but that sure wasn’t the case.  When I looked to see where it was from it said “Cooperstown Bat Company”.  I scratched my head wondering what it could be because I don’t remember ordering anything from them recently.  Opening the box, I find that they sent me a small wooden bat holder that hangs on the wall.  I have no idea why they sent me this.  Has anyone else received anything like this from them?  Inside the box there was no invoice.  In the past, I have purchased four bats from them while visiting Cooperstown and I know they have my address.  Maybe its just a promotional giveaway.  I’m going to send them and e-mail to see if thats the case.    


4 Responses

  1. I got the exact same thing too.

  2. I got one by UPS today too. And I have not visited Cooperstown. I did the same head scratching that you did over the mystery package.

  3. I got one also. I’m kinda confused as to why. I might have a theory though…Did you get an e-mail from a company out in California called Matrixx Pictures and did you happen to give them your address???


    JayBee Anama

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