Schlotzsky’s Mailday!


The other day I received a wooden bat holder in the mail from The Cooperstown Bat Company and at first I had no clue why it was sent to me.  Then it all started to come together.  About a week ago I was contacted by Matrixx Pictures, which is a marketing firm out in California, and they wanted to know if they could send me something.  Little did I know that was the first part.  Matrixx Pictures is doing a promotional campaign for Schlotzsky’s, which is a restaurant franchise.  Today in the mail I received another package containing three different colored baseball cards.  Once I take a photo of these cards and upload them next week to their website, if I am one of the first 1,000 people I could win a personalized mini-bat.  I thinks that cool!  

When I started Sports Card Info, I never thought I would sponsored by Press Pass and have marketing companies like Matrixx Pictures want me to take part in a massive marketing campaign.  I love cards and blogging 🙂

By the way, you should check out the Schlotzsky’s Big League Club website.  They have a very addicting baseball game you can play for free.


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  1. That game is addicting. Thanks for the distraction from work

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