What A Disgrace

Lets face it, you need to have some serious balls to purchase a pack of cards that cost $2,000.00+ per pack, and contains only one card.  Razor Oval Office Edition is the first of its kind, and certainly is the most expensive pack of cards ever created.  Today, Autograph Alert announced that some of the presidential cut signatures might not be authentic.  This has to be one of the biggest disgraces the hobby has ever seen.  How would you like to be told that the pack of cards you just spent over $2,000.00 for could contain a questionable autograph?  I probably would hed to the bathroom and throw-up.  There is absolutely no reason why some of the autographs should be considered questionable, other than the fact they were cheaper to purchase.  Its not like Razor had to control thousands of these packs.  They only made 99.  Talk about quality control going down the crapper.  Collectors should never have to question the authenticity of an autograph when it comes directly from the manufacturer.  Its going to be a dark day in the hobby when you can’t even trust the very companies that provide the cards we all enjoy.


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