Topps Attax = MLB Showdown?

In my opinion, trading card games dealing with sports never really impressed me.  I’ll admitt that when MLB Showdown came out in 2000 I gave it a shot, but I lost interest in it pretty quick.  The only MLB Showdown cards I have now are the few Phillies I was lucky to pull.  With the newly released Topps Attax Card Game, I have a feeling that it too will suffer the same fate as MLB Showdown.  Maybe its just me, but I don’t see kids sitting and playing card games in today’s society.  

As for dollar value concerning sports related trading card games, there really isn’t much.  I have only found two MLB Showdown cards actually worth something.  One would be the 2001 MLB Showdown Albert Pujols Pennant Run #168 RC valued at $40.00 to $50.00.  The other would be an Alex Rodriguez MLB Showdown promotional card that was inserted into Beckett Baseball and can be found for about $15.00.  

I think the absence of rookie cards within Topps Attax will hurt.  At least with MLB Showdown they included a few rookies which helped it become more of a collectible versus a game.

Let me know your thoughts.


8 Responses

  1. I don’t even think that Topps Attax will last as long as MLB Showdown. It seems way too simplistic to me. I don’t know if enough kids will get into it and I don’t think too many collectors will bust it. I’ll definitely want to pick up the cards of players that I collect, but I don’t think that I’ll be buying any packs.

  2. Attax will need the support of people who want to play the game. There’s not a lot of reason for collectors to buy it. (Though I’m still trying to figure out if it really does have J.J. Putz’s first Mets card like the sell sheet leads me to believe)

    But I think you’re selling the attention spans of kids short. Magic the Gathering still makes money, and Yu-Gi-Oh was fairly popular not all that long ago. I just don’t see them wanting to play a sports card game.

  3. I found 12 boxes of 03 Showdown at a local K-Mart today. The mgr would not come down from the 14.99 price so there they still sit.

  4. actually mlb showdown was one of the best games i have ever played and i wished it was still around as for topps attax its nothing like it..its terrible no baseball sense or baseball relation at all

  5. I bet if u checked out the online version of Attax u would love it!

  6. i have checked it out online theres just no baseball concepts involved at all its one big guessing game

  7. htts rediculas bcause mlb showdown rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U hav NO taste in wat u like. and mlb showdown is sick and u actually play and topps attax and thers nothing oinvolved in baseball with this but in mlb showdown, there actually is! i mean u actually play on a diamond (which is the common way 2 play, though). But i guess IVE MADE MY POINT CLEAR. hav a good day, sir.

  8. Brilliant read, I just passed this onto a workfellow who was making a small research on that. And he really bought me lunch because I seen it for him.

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