The Philly Show Report

The Philadelphia Sports Card & Memorabilia Show will always be one of my favorite events to attend.  This time was probably the most interesting show I had ever been to.  I arrived at the Valley Forge Convention Center at 9:00 a.m. right when the show opened.  Quickly finding out the show was downstairs in one of their giant rooms, I hopped on a elevator and went on down.  When I got there the line was very short (which didn’t last long because it soon went all the way up the stairs), and I purchased my tickets to enter the show, while at the same time looking to see when the autograph guests were going to start signing.  Entering the show, you could see that the facility was much older and run down.  Many of the dealers I talked to weren’t very happy with the way it looked.  I was told that setting up for the show was quite difficult because they would only allow 6 vehicles to pull up at a time to unload or load up stuff.  Being downstairs also made it almost impossible to get a cell phone signal which meant many dealers couldn’t accept credit cards.  Finally, Hunt Auctions requires a ticket to do almost anything – even the free stuff.  Around 10:00 a.m. I got in line to receive my free autograph of Marty Bystrom.  When I got up to meet Mr. Bystrom, the girl next to him asked if I had a yellow ticket.  I said no, and then she wanted me to go all the way back to get one.  Lucky for me, Mr. Bystrom was on the telephone and wasn’t paying attention and he signed my bat anyway.  Those yellow tickets didn’t cost anything, and nobody told us beforehand we needed them.  Hunt Auctions was adding so many extra steps people had a hard time following what to do.  You even needed to purchase tickets at the food court.  Then you would walk five steps to the right and hand someone your tickets in exchange for your lunch.  Hunt Auctions is addicted to tickets.  I’m surprised they didn’t make you purchase a ticket to use the bathroom.  They also should have had more lunch tables for people to sit and eat.  The men’s bathroom looked like a crime scene from CSI.   Hopefully Hunt Auctions can make these improvements for the September show.  This was the first Philly Show with them being the owners, so lets hope the second time around the facility and show run a bit smoother.

Ok, thats enough about the building and new owners.  Lets get to the good stuff…………. the cards and autographs!  I only felt like getting one autograph when I got there.  I didn’t wait in line very long to meet Marty Bystrom, which was a positive.  Larry Christenson was signing at the same time, but I didn’t feel like going to get more TICKETS.  I was able to see each autograph guest:  Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Willie McCovey, Marty Bystrom, and Larry Christenson.  Mr. McCovey I saw behind the curtain before coming out and Mr. Mays didn’t want photos taken.  

Browsing through the show, I came across a few of my favorite dealers.  I picked up a bunch of wax and a few single cards for my personal collection.  Boxes I picked up included:

  • (2) 2008 UD Ultimate Collection Football packs
  • (1) 2008 Donruss Threads Baseball box
  • (1) 2008 Playoff Absolute Football box
  • (2) 2009 Topps Heritage Baseball packs

Check out this video showing some of the highlights of what I pulled:

I bought two loose cards found under glass:

Jimmy Rollins 2003 Fleer Patchworks 2 Color Patch #’ed/300


“Shoeless” Joe Jackson 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts Dual Bat #’ed/50 – I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one.  Its one of the best additions to my personal collection.  This card will never leave.



As you can see, a Gun Show was also taking place.  That came in handy for those angry card collectors that were shorted a hit in a box 🙂


Larry Christenson signing autographs


Marty Bystrom on the phone while signing my bat


Frank Robinson walking into the food court


Closeup of the Championship ring


Mr. Robinson actually sat down at the table with me and ate a muffin while I busted a pack of ’08 UD Ultimate Collection Football.  He recognized that I took a few pictures when he walked in the building and said, “You should really ask before taking pictures.”  We exchanged a few words and then I headed back into the show.


Inside the show

The next Philly Show takes place on September 25-27.  Even though this show had some minor annoyances, I had a great time.  I will be going back for the next one.  

In two weeks I will be headed towards Ephrata, PA for the Ephrata Recreational Center Sports Card Show put together by the Lions Club.  Darren Daulton is scheduled to sign autographs.  Be ready for another report! 

3 Responses

  1. Can’t Marty put down the phone for 2 seconds to sign an autograph? That garbage drives me crazy! Tony Dorsett has done that too many times to me.

    Great report.

  2. Can’t Marty put down the phone for 2 seconds to sign an autograph? That garbage drives me crazy! Tony Dorsett has done that too many times to me.

    Great report.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

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