2009 TRISTAR PROjections Series 1 Review

I would like to thank TRISTAR for sending over this hobby box of 2009 PROjections Series 1.  It was very fun to open, and I pulled some great stuff.  Now lets review it!


1 Baseball = Poor

5 Baseballs = Perfect


Design: Photobucket

I enjoy the design of this product.  Some card manufacturers can make a design to busy and complicated, but the design of ’09 PROjections is quite simple.  The plain white background makes the players standout more.  This being a minor league product, I thought it was interesting to see all the different logos of the of the various minor league teams printed on the front and back.  This makes it easy to research a particular team you might be interested in learning about.

Price: Photobucket

A hobby box will cost around $70.00.  I think that is a reasonable price considering you get 9 hits per box.  I don’t think a lot of collectors would pay much more than that, especially in this economy, for a box of minor league cards.  

Hit Quality:Photobucket  

Every hobby box contains 20 packs with 5 cards per pack.  It states on the box that you will recieve 9 hits per box: 4 autographs, 1 memorabilia, and 4 parallel cards numbered to 50 or less.  My hits included:

  • Lance Lynn base autograph
  • Christian Friedrich base autograph
  • Jordan Zimmermann Green parallel autograph #’ed/50
  • Jarrod Parker Yellow parallel autograph #’ed/25
  • Mike Lyon Yellow parallel #’ed/25
  • Dusty Coleman Yellow parallel #’ed/25
  • Craig Kimbrel Yellow parallel #’ed/25
  • Che – Hsuan Lin Yellow parallel #’ed/25
  • Shane Peterson Tailor Made Jersey #’ed/144 

The biggest hit of the box would have to be the Parker Yellow parallel autograph #’ed/25.  TRISTAR only produced 75 cases, which means there are only 1,800 boxes floating around.  Each box is serial numbered, mine being 378/1800.  This indicates that you have a good chance at getting some decent hits.

Overall: Photobucket

Overall, I give this box a total of 4 baseballs out of 5.  I received all the guaranteed hits, which included some very nice prospects.  If you’re a prospect collector, I think you would really enjoy opening this product based on my results.  2009 TRISTAR PROjections Series 1 is a good alternative to the standard Bowman Chrome product.

Remember to check out Sports Card Info this weekend.  I will be posting a new contest Sunday evening.

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