Fast Redemptions

Lets face it.  Most collectors don’t enjoy redemption cards.  You have no idea how long it will take, and you hope they send back what the card stated.  My favorite two companies to work with when it comes to redemptions would have to be Donruss/Playoff and Press Pass, Inc.  I have only pulled two redemption cards from each company, but each has followed through quite fast.  In my opinion, Press Pass, Inc has been the faster program.  If you remember last month I busted a box of 2009 Element Racing and pulled two Missing Element redemptions.  As soon as I opened the box I redeemed both cards, and within the last few weeks I have received both.  In my experience this is the fastest redemption process I have ever been through.  Topps and Upper Deck take way too long sometimes.


4 Responses

  1. I agree think topps has been my worse offender so far almost 6 months now for a Chris Perez 08 satdium club R/C ( not a great card or anything) I guess it’s just the fact that I lie the card to be in my hand another issue with topps is I had a 07 turkey reds Auto redemption that expired around two weeks after I purchased the box and they will not send that redemption or replacement but thats the chance I took when I bought an 06/07 hobby box I guess. However Iv’e heard other card companies would work with you on this issue. Grant

  2. I would disagree with the statement that press pass has a quick turn around. I mailed in a redemption in Aug. of 2008. It is now 8 months later and still nothing to show for it. The only email they have sent me is to tell me to rush out and buy more of there just released products. Why should I buy more of there products when they can not fullfill previous promisses. I also know for a fact that the athlete they promised an autograph card of never signed a contract with them, because he is from my home town and my best friends, wife is a teacher and works with his mother. And she claims that he has not and will not sign anything for any card company and he currently plays basketball in Turkey.

  3. how did you redeem your card? I went to their websight and entered my code and they said it was an invalid code. Now what do I do????????????

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