Card of the Day: Mark Fidrych 1977 Topps RC #265


One Response

  1. I remember opening my first packs of cards as a 7 yr
    old back in 1977, and in one of those packs was this
    card of The Bird. As a kid growing up in Detroit, the
    card became an instant keeper, and it spawned a
    hobby that continued on until 1985.

    Now, having recently gotten back into the hobby a
    few years ago, I picked this card up again in high
    grade. It might not be the most expensive card in
    my collection, but its value is found in the memories
    it evokes. For that, it is somewhat priceless. I like
    how the facsimlie signature on the front looks like
    that of a little kid. That scribbled sig, and the goofy grin
    on his face, are just a small glimpse into the youthful
    exuberance he brought to the field.

    Rest in peace, Mark.

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