Counterfeit 1968 Topps Rookie Stars


When you think about 1968 Topps baseball, whats the first card that comes to mind?  Thats correct, the Jerry Koosman rookie.  Oh, and I think one of the best pitchers in baseball history has his rookie pictured on the card as well…….. Nolan Ryan.  The is one of the most counterfeited cards on the market today.  Here are some tips to help you identify any fakes:

  • Look at the letters in the title “1968 Rookie Stars”.  The red and the black should be solid colors.  Counterfeits usually contain print dots.
  • The back should be a solid yellow color, versus small yellow dots.
  • The color on the front should be red, not orange.  Many times counterfeiters will try an make the card look older than what it really is.
  • Check the card stock.  Back in 1968 baseball cards were thinner and not as durable like today.  A thicker card with a glossy front could actually be a reprint.

Many of the above tips can be used for other notable cards within this set such as the Johnny Bench rookie.


5 Responses

  1. I see a Nolan Ryan Rookie Card for auction on Ebay for $800. I notice that the yellow coloring in the “METS” name on front is not yellow but appears to be white. Is this a sign of a fake Nolan Ryan Rookie Card or is it that some of his rookie cards come out a slight different in color depending on factors like where it was printed or the print run itself. I also noticed that the warm-overall-light beige color of the outline is not there on the front either???
    By the way, the Auction number on Ebay is— 260622302424

  2. on my nolan ryan rookie their is no number on the back, alos it doesn’t give you the production company. (is this card rare of fake?)

  3. No number is a fake. The card number is 177

  4. […] Yes there are definitely fakes of this card out there. I would take a loupe or magnifying glass and look closely at the card for any pixelation. The Mets logo in side the dark circle should be a good spot to start. You already mentioned that the card stock is not the same as your other 68's. Considering what the seller already tried to pull on you I would definitely send the card back and demand a refund. When buying cards of this value it is always recommended to purchase one already slabbed by a reputable grading company to avoid these kinds of circumstances. If you google fake Nolan Ryan rookies you may be able to find some sites that will help you identify possible fakes and what to look for. There are loads of fake Mantles, Jordan RC's, and other HOF RC's all over ebay and the net. Any "major" card worth a nice amount of $ will most likely have fakes out there. Here is a link to a site I found through a google search that help you identify if your card is indeed a fake. Counterfeit 1968 Topps Rookie Stars Sports Card Info […]

  5. I have a Koosman/Ryan rookie card and I have a question about it…. I noticed on the back, in Nolan Ryan’s description, the word sensational is misspelled (senational). Is this a sign of fake, rare,…? Not sure where to go to find out, just bought the card at auction. Thank you for your time.

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