Wrapper Rippers: Goudey vs. Sport Kings

Lets say your cleaning out your grandfather’s attic and you come across an old shoebox.  After lifting the lid you find two old sealed wax packs, one being a pack of 1933 Goudey and the other 1933 Sport Kings.  Showing your grandfather what you found he tells you to choose one and open it.


1933 Goudey baseball is one of the most popular vintage sets to collect.  The set consists of 240 cards (counting the Lajoie) and was Goudey’s first attempt at making a baseball product.  Many collectors believe that Babe Ruth’s cards from this product are some of his best.  


1933 Sport Kings, which was produced by the Goudey Gum Company, contains 48 cards within the set.  You could consider this to be the “King” of multi-sport products.  The set is made up of some of the best athletes of the time from a vast amount of sports.  Some of the key cards to pull would be Ruth, Cobb, Thorpe, Grange, and Bobby Jones.  At the time of its release, there were 100 packs to each box.

Which would you open & why?

One Response

  1. Goudey (realizing they are technically both Goudey sets), hands down. The Goudey sets are brilliantly simple and has nothing but Baseball in it. I am not a multisport sort of guy. Don’t let those boxes of Classic 4-sport I opened almost 20 years ago fool you.

    I have actually thought of collecting those baseball sets to see if I can come up with a complete set, minus the big cards.

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