PHOTOS: Card Show with Kyle Brady

The Capital City Mall located in Harrisburg held a sports card & memorabilia show promoted by CAC-Shows today.  When I was there Kyle Brady and LeSean McCoy were signing autographs.  Later in the day Ryan Clark and Tyrone Carter of the Steelers showed up to sign autographs too.  I busted a few packs and picked up some stuff for my collection.  Take a look!  


This is the setup where you would get your autographs.  It was right inside of a closed Disney Store.  It really is the happiest place on Earth 🙂


They had a ton on items to purchase if you needed something to get signed.


Kyle Brady signing my new Rawlings Black/Gold Penn State football.  It doesn’t get more authentic than this.


LeSean McCoy signing autographs.


This is the first time I’ve gotten something signed in gold.  I think it turned out nice.


The main center of the show.  I’m glad to see it so packed.


I had to pick one of these up for my collection.



I give this show a total of 4 hot dogs out of 5 (1=poor  5=perfect).  There were more dealers than what I thought there would be.  It had a great combination of vintage and modern cards which appeals to different collectors.  There was only one dealer really selling wax, and they had a great selection.  He only had two tins left of 2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic and I snatched them up quick.  CAC-Shows handles the autograph signings very well.  If you don’t have anything to get signed, they provide a wide array of items to get autographed.  They also have an informative setup showing autograph seekers where to go for each athlete.

2 Responses

  1. Those sweet spot jerseys are some of the best deals for collectors ever. A few bucks and you have a card that up until a few years ago no one could dream of.

    Al Kaline has a sweet sig indeed.

  2. There was a member of FCB at that show as well. He said that McCoy was extremely nice and was glad to meet his fans.

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