Tom Brady and the NSA

The other day I received an e-mail from a reader telling me they purchased a Tom Brady Authentic 1 of 1 NSA #453358 jersey card on eBay and wanted to know if I could tell him what it might be worth.  I have never been a fan of NSA (National Sportscard Authenticator) because there cards just don’t seem legit.  To start off, he said that his card was numbered 1 of 1 but somehow on eBay there is another card just like it with a different serial number on the case.  Thats the first red flag.  The COA on the back shows me another red flag.  The COA states:

This item has been certified by an NSA representitive.  Each NSA Sports Product will contain a unique serial number and a certificate of authenticity containing the matching certification number.  Any tampering will invalidate the guarantee of authenticity.

When I read a COA, I like to see what it says and then I look to see what it doesn’t say.  Nowhere within the COA does it state that the piece of memorabilia was used by the athlete.  This is why I stay far away from cards like this.  Their COA’s leave a lot of holes within the statements.  NSA cards barely sell and when they do its not for much.  I’m starting to see these more and more.  Usually I would find them online, but at the last few shows I have attended I’ve seen more.  About 7 months ago I wrote a post stating how NSA would give $1,500.00 to someone if they sent in a card that was determined to be counterfeit.  In my opinion, NSA is right up there with GEM GRADING, PRO Grading and WCG.  I plan on sending an e-mail to the company to see what they have to say about their COA’s.


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  1. I just bought about ten of these off ebay. They seem to be really a great product if they are certifiably legit. Any word back yet from the company?

  2. wasted money, colin.
    any company providing COA would NOT determine a card that has been ‘tampered’ with to invalidate the COA. i say that when interpreting opening the case to be tampering. how would opening the case suddenly make the card counterfeit? what would anybody have to gain from opening a case to damage an ‘authetic’ card.
    but, of course, once you do that, you will see how poorly these bogus cards are made.
    when something looks too good to be true, in this case in particular, it is.
    my guess is its a small operation involving a garage, a whole bunch of used & deadstock sports uniforms, a computer, and a color printer. and it is surely just a coincidence that most swatches are multicolored. and further, i have never heard of the NBA licensing NSA to make trading cards featuring team logos, but, they do.

  3. I say they are indeed fake because, One, You see some are listed as Replica jersey cards. Another reason is that the printing quality of the images of the cards looks like a cheap DVD you would buy on the black market from China, which probally means it is. I just seen a Michael Jordan Bat Card not sell on Ebay for $0.99 & $1.99 S&H. The Seller them immediately relisted it for $19.95??? And the company will not answer people back? If they wanted good customers, They should have good customer service right? Oh, & you could get money off of them if you got a lawyer to witness you breaking the case & sending it in to PSA/DNA to authenticate it. Say you did this with however many cards you could, then open up a lawsuit with that lawer, even videotape the whole thing in progress then sue them for that amount of money they offer & for false advertisement, illegitimate business practices, & whatever else the lawyer comes up with, I’m surprised someone is not all over it already.

  4. I have only left one comment on this blog in the past.
    I think you are fishing for something that is not there and have been for a while and it is a disgrace. Just because someone has opened the items does not mean that they are not real, and actually they look quite real to me. I have also looked at some of your photos; maybe you should thank God that you have a chance at life-
    Clearly you do realize that you are just giving NSA more business! I am also sending a copy of all this to NSA so now they are aware of what you are doing.
    Since I am a lawyer I hope they sue the shit out of you.
    All you are doing is writing about a product so you can get hits on your blog meanwhile boosting business for them and making yourself look bad in the process.
    It is very apparent from their response to you they have done nothing wrong, any smart person knows there are only 3 companies that do professional authentication and to only accept game used memorabilia from these companies is highly professional of them.
    Maybe you just need to get laid…your blog is a joke
    I will represent NSA at this point, if they would like for free or maybe trade for some of their great products.

    • Hey, BOB!!!!
      I wish you would represent them, against me. I have not lost a case yet and would to show the court what a fool you are. Oh, did I fail to mention that I have one of these cards and it is a fake and that is a Fact and I can prove it in court. What you think and what you can prove are very different things, MY FRIEND! So, that being said, put you money where you mouth is and come on! I am in Dupage Co, IL.



  6. * PLEASE READ * These Game Used (?) pieces made by National Sportscard Authenticators have been kick off Ebay for false representation, trademark violations(such as a name, word, phrase, logo, or symbol) that a company uses to identify its products and/or services , & copyright theft. I thought they were real and I sold them on Ebay. Then Ebay removed every auction I had of them . I received a warning that if I listed them again I would be suspended from selling. I bought these worthless cards from Steve Weintraub, Tampa , Fl – Ebay user ID name – loveofthegame17 – He is the owner & made these pieces. I live in Florida & soon will be bringing Federal,State criminal & civil charges against him. Before I bought these, I did a web search & found this company was incorporated in Florida. He was registered as the LCC owner doing business under the name of National Sportscard Authenticators. There was also a WEB page to view pieces & promote these items.The business seemed to be legitimate & I had no concerns doing business with him because of the above stated facts.When i spoke with him on the phone he claimed he had COA’s on the jerseys & baseball bats. He stated these pieces were used by the professional players named on the cards.He claimed these pieces were used/worn in MLB , NHL , NFL, PGA games. He also owns a swimming pool service business in Tampa & lives in a beautiful home there. All seem legitimate to me & my family.He will be held accountable for these actions. My family and i still have quite a few of these pieces. if anyone else that is a victim of him that’s reading this wishes to help me & the government agencies, leave a message here.

    • I definately to get inbolved I have one of these pieces as well it’s called “triple Jersey”. A Chicago bulls card

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