Cards On Card History?

Its not uncommon to open a pack of cards in today’s market and see significant people in history that have nothing to do with sports at all.  Hell, Topps created a whole product dedicated to historical figures with their 2009 American Heritage product.  Products like that are pretty interesting especially if your a history buff, but there is something lacking in all of these products and thats cards on the history of the card industry.  It just makes sense that they should include cards like this.  If it weren’t for the people responsible for creating the industry, trading cards wouldn’t exist in the first place.  American Card Catalog author Jefferson Burdick, T206 photographer Carl Horner, and the man credited for thinking of the idea to place cards into packs of cigarettes, James Buchanan Duke, all should have their own cards.  If manufacturers really do their research, maybe they could make a few cut signatures of them too.  So many things have been done over and over in the hobby, and I think this would be an interesting way to go.  I’m not saying create a whole product based on these pioneers, but maybe throw some cards of them in Allen & Ginter or SP Legendary Cuts.


Check out this photo.  Its the actual burial spot of James Buchanan Duke.  Who knew those pieces of cardboard would be so collectible?


Duke’s signature on a stock certificate.  I could see this in a card.

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