Sponsorship Update

If you haven’t noticed by now, I removed the Press Pass logo under the Sponsors section of Sports Card Info.  Within the last few months I have been promised around 3-4 different products to review, and nothing has arrived even after a bunch of e-mails.  I felt advertising for them didn’t seem right if they don’t plan to send me anything else to review and use for site contests.  Maybe its the economy, but the funny thing is I don’t even receive new product information via e-mail anymore before it goes live on their site.  Beckett seems to get all the new information and product reviews pretty fast.  I have no hard feelings against Press Pass since they did supply a nice box of ’09 Element last February.  I guess they much rather deal with a company that can give them more exposure.  The odd thing is when I initially contacted them back in February, they sent out that box of Element and product info in a flash.  I can’t help but think that maybe Beckett didn’t like Press Pass sending stuff to other people to review.  I plan to keep all the images and rating systems for their products just in case they ever decide to come back.

Looking at the brightside, I’m so happy that TRISTAR continues to support blogs like Sports Card Info, Wax Heaven and Bad Wax.  When I started blogging, it never crossed my mind that they would want to send products for me to review.

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