Sports Card Info Auctions

Something that I’ve never talked about here on Sports Card Info would be that I have been selling stuff on eBay for 7+ years.  Every weekend I usually list a handful of relic and/or autographed cards that I pull from packs and boxes.  I never mentioned it here before because I didn’t want to seem like I was promoting my auctions.  Before I started selling cards on eBay, I was a regular user of Yahoo! Auctions but then quickly discovered that eBay could generate a lot more visitors.  The first thing I sold on eBay was a Barry Bonds autographed baseball for $75.00 in April 2002.  Thats pretty good considering I didn’t have a camera to provide an image at the time.  The first card I bought online was a Scott Rolen 2001 Fleer Genuine jersey using Yahoo! Auctions.  With about 37 feedbacks to go I will reach the 1,000 mark soon.  I thought I would let you know just in case your looking for a safe place to purchase something for your collection.  


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