Flashback Product of the Week: 1997 Scoreboard Playbook


Scoreboard is one of those companies that popped-up in the 90’s and could have been the poster child for overproduction.  If you turned the T.V. on at 1:00 a.m. you probably would see Don West selling a box of this stuff while the President of Scoreboard was on the phone.  ’97 Scoreboard Playoff contains 26 packs per box with 5 cards per pack.  This product has a ton of inserts such as MAGnified, Standout Numbers and Red Zone Stats.  The chance of pulling an autograph was pretty slim, about 1:1,690 packs.  Scoreboard eventually went under and their cards barley sell on the secondary market.  Many people question a lot of their autographed cards, but thats a story for another time.  You still see the former President of Scoreboard on HSN selling overpriced cards from time to time.

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