A Wax Heaven Mailday!

Last week Mario over at Wax Heaven held five contests to celebrate receiving 1 million hits on his site.  The 1st contest was for a Ryan Howard 2009 Topps Sketch Card #’ed 1/1, and I ended up being the winner.  I usually never win anything, but this time I came out ahead.  Today the card arrived in the mail and it looks awesome!  A lot of sketch cards are just black and white, but this one has a ton of color.  Along with the sketch card, he also sent:

  • Ryan Howard 2009 Bowman #14
  • Ryan Howard 2009 Topps Heritage #300
  • Ryan Howard 2009 UD Spectrum #74
  • Brad Lidge 2009 Topps Heritage Chrome #’ed/1960

All of these cards will remain in my personal collection forever.  Congrats to Wax Heaven!!!


One Response

  1. Being an art student, this is by far one of my favorite artist’s series. These sketches have such a wonderful sense of vitality and energy you don’t see in a lot of artist’s series (i.e. UD’s Dick Perez). In my opinion, and it’s a shared opinion in the art world, drawings and paintings should do more than merely represent the subject, they should excite or in some other way inflect emotion.

    Congrats on winning the contest and scoring a truly beautiful card!

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