Who’s Signing At This Year’s National?

Over the last few weeks I have watched the list of autographed guests TRISTAR plans to have at this year’s National grow.  Last March I purchased my VIP package which includes autograph tickets for some great athletes I hope to get on my football and bat.  I’m thinking about purchasing another ticket or two for someone that isn’t part of the VIP package, but I’m not sure yet.  Right now there aren’t any Phillies or players from the Miami Dolphins Perfect Season scheduled to sign.  Today they announced that Y.A. Tittle will be signing on Friday so I might be tempted to buy a ticket for him because he is an older player and would fit great into my collection.  1967 Heisman Trophy winner Gary Beban will also be there that day.  You don’t see him sign at shows very often.  I’m planning to stay Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the show.  TRISTAR usually has the bigger athletes scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, but they almost always cost more.  As of right now, if I had one person to get that weekend, it would probably be Lynn Swann.  You rarely see him sign autographs.  Many others like Jim Brown, Joe Montana, and Barry Sanders would be nice to meet and get autographs, but I have a feeling they will cost a lot like the last time.  I think TRISTAR plans to release pricing information tomorrow.  They probably will add more players to the list too.

For the entire list of athletes scheduled to appear at The National click here.


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  1. Tittle is the only I might get. I’m thinking of getting a throwback LSU helmet or something like that from GridIronMemories… not sure yet.

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