2009 National Autograph Prices Now Available

TRISTAR has released the pricing list for the athletes that are scheduled to sign at this year’s National.  In a post I made a few days ago, I said that Lynn Swann is going to make a rare signing appearence which doesn’t happen that often.  Thats why it doesn’t surprise me that he is the most expensive personal to meet and obtain an autograph.  If I stayed another day and wanted him to sign my football, it would cost me $229.00.  If I wanted to get my picture with him over in the TRISTAR booth it would cost an additional $199.00.  I highly doubt that he would let me come around the table to take a quick photo based in the info given.  A lot of the other guys let me do that when I was there two years ago.  Looking at the details for Swann, you almost need a damn Ph. D to understand what he will and will not sign.  

Flats Up to and Including 11×14, Goal Line Art Cards:

Will not sign trading cards or unlicensed photos.  Lynn reserves the right to reject any item.

Full Size Helmet, Jersey:

Will not sign unsigned or single signed jerseys or jersey numbers and will only sign jerseys with 2 or more signatures already on the jersey.


One accomplishment per inscription up to 5 words


Last year, Lynn Swann ran for governor of Pennsylvania and lost.  Perhaps he needs to pay back everyone that tried to get him elected.  Maybe he’d give me a discount if I told him I voted for him 🙂  

On a positive note, Y.A. Tittle only costs $45.00 and will sign anything.  The VIP package looks to have a lot of good guys to get autographs of too.  I’m interested to see what other promotional stuff will be included with the package as well.

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  1. I thought Aikman’s prices were high… until I saw Swann’s!

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