eBay Mailday!

Today in the mail I received my Richie Ashburn 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts jersey #’ed/25.  I have been wanting an Ashburn relic for awhile, but they don’t always show up for sale.  This one only cost $14.00 and came with FREE shipping.  Thats not too bad considering a box of Prime Cuts sells for over $200.00.  I wonder what else this person got from their box in addition to my Ashburn?  Lets hope they pulled some other stuff worth more than $14.00 🙂  This is one of the best things about Prime Cuts.  A lot of the low numbered relics aren’t worth a whole lot and can easily be picked up.  Some other Phillies I would like to see relics of include John Vukovich and Harry Kalas.  I could see Topps including an “authentic worn tie” card of HK in Allen & Ginter.  I’m not a big fan of manufactured patches, but I think it would be cool to see a Harry Kalas commemorative card containg a black patch like the Phillies are wearing this season. 


P.S. – I like how Donruss tried to block out the Phillies logo on Ashburn’s hat.

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