Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday and I turn 23 years old.  I ate a really great birthday dinner, stuffed myself with some chocolate cake, and after eating take a look at what I got…………..


Results from the breaks will be posted tomorrow.  Its going to be a fun night!

9 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Chris!!

  2. Happy birthday! You’re definitely going to have fun. Good luck in pulling a cut signature.

    What year Sterling is that, 2007? I just opened a mini box of 2007 Bowman’s Best and was excited to pull a Joba auto RC, but was disappointed to see that it had to puncture marks in it which had to have come from the production or packing out progress since it’s the middle card in the pack. Sadly, Topps doesn’t care about its customers enough to try and fix the situation because it’s an old product even though the damage was clearly caused by them.

  3. Happy Birthday and enjoy the card feast ……!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday! That looks like a great haul!

  5. Nice haul!

  6. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  7. hey man, happy b-day…

  8. Sorry!! Happy B’day ANDREW

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