Michael Jackson Trading Cards

In today’s hobby, its not that common to see an entire product based on a single individual.  You might see it done with a certain team, but rarely with one person.  Back in the 80’s, manufacturers made all kinds of trading card sets for specific celebrities including Michael Jackson.  In 1984 Topps released a set based around the pop icon.  Each box contains 36 wax packs with 3 cards and 3 stickers per pack.  Later that year Topps released a 2nd series based around Jackson.  In a way these could be considered his “rookie” cards.  I would highly suggest not purchasing anything of Jackson right now because the prices are through the roof.  It would be better to wait until things calm down.

Currently Jackson has no relic or autographed cards floating around the secondary market.  With all those colorful outfits he wore, I’m sure they would make for some interesting relics to pull.  R.I.P the King of Pop.

Be sure to check out Cardboard Icons break of a box of Michael Jackson 1984 Topps.


21 Responses

  1. Even Menudo and New Kids on the Block had trading cards back then. Talk about your junk wax.

  2. Loved your latest post, by the way..

  3. Wow the funny thing is I have a nice little collection of the Topps Trading Cards of Michael Jackson and in good condition I must say, along with a full glitter glove.

  4. We feel that Michael Jackson has left us so early, with just his music and our memories. Our prayers go out to his family. I love you so much, and never got the chance to go to a concert. I honestly think you

  5. wow my cards are going on eBay lol (JK).

  6. @ The mazster
    Yeah death sells, it sells really well

  7. i like your posted……….

  8. rosschrisman2003, so what are you saying, wait till everything of Jackson is all sold and then go looking for it, that’s not good advice! If you find what you want for what you want then buy it right away before someone else does!

  9. I have four packs of the MJ trading cards whats it worth

  10. I have both 1984 sets in mint condition, how cool is that?!

    RIP Michael, my heart goes out to your children!

  11. I have read a lot of stuff about trading in ebooks and posts and the bulk of it looks to me to be contradictory. It’s so hard to find trustworthy information that’s built on actual facts and not simply any old guy’s opinion.

  12. I have a collection of Michael Jackson stickers from Topps 1984, great condition and some other MJ stickers. Wondering how much they are worth?

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  14. I have complete collectors set of Michael Jackson 33 super gloss photo cards never opened from 1984. in mint condition. for sell

  15. so how much are these stickers worth now

  16. i have like 10 of the cards

  17. I have a complete collectors set of Michael Jackson 1984 33 super gloss photo cards. In original package unopened and I was wondering how much they are worth. Because I can’t find anywhere on the internet that will tell me. Help please.

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