’09 UD Draft Football Redemption Status Update

A few weeks ago I busted a box of 2009 UD Draft Football and pulled two redemptions.  One was for a Rudy Carpenter auto and the other for a Jamayel Smith auto.  Today I received a package from Upper Deck with the Carpenter autograph.  After redeeming that card, Upper Deck stated that it would be serial numbered to only 10 copies.  The card I received wasn’t serial numbered at all.  When logging into UD’s website I saw the following message:


2009 NFL UPPER DECK DRAFT EDITION SILVER AUTO PARALLEL FORM 1// #ED TO 10 CD # 77. Error on redemption, card is not numbered.

Thats the first time I’ve ever had that happen.  Perhaps UD needs some better quality control.  I’m also not going to be receiving the Smith auto and should be getting a replacement soon.  Looks like UD is moving the redemptions faster, but you may not get what you expected.


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