Flashback Product of the Week: 1998 Leaf Fractal Materials

1998 Leaf Fractal Materials is an interesting product.  Each card in the set is serial numbered, and looks just like the cards from ’98 Leaf Fractal Foundation.  Inserted into every pack is a card that is printed on plastic, leather, nylon, or wood.  Each box contains 18 packs and can be quite difficult to find.  If your lucky enough to find one, get ready to spend $100.00 for a single box.  When spending that kind of money for a box you probably would think there are a ton of great hits, but there really aren’t.  There’re expensive just because its rare to find one sealed.  One of the big problems is that this product doesn’t contain any rookies.  I’ve never seen any of the cards printed on wood in person.  They look really cool and I like the idea.



One Response

  1. I’d love to try a box of this, but don’t feel like throwing down $105 for it. DA is the only place I’ve found these…

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