Blogs Need Cards Too

I think its safe to say that blogs have taken over print media, especially within the sports card industry.  No longer do collectors have to wait a month to see a preview of their favorite product or get the latest information about a manufacturer.  This is why I think it would be great if someone made a card(s) celebrating the blogs.  In an age where its possible to pull cards of the Invisible Man, its not that far of a stretch to create cards for blogs.  I’d like to see a few cards made just for some specific blogs that are more important to the blogosphere like Wax Heaven, Sports Cards Uncensored, The Cardboard Connection and various others.  As for the other blogs, I’d like to see a few cards featuring screenshots on the front and then perhaps a checklist on the back listing the names.  Blogging has revolutionized the way information gets delivered to collectors and having the name of your blog appear on a card would be really cool.

If they made a card of this guy, I think its time for blogs to have their own cards too.



3 Responses

  1. Great idea. I agree that social media has changed the way we get information about sports cards (and all information for that matter), but I think the blogging industry still has a perception problem to fight. It’ll take time, but we’ll get there! It would be cool if it happened though.

  2. Except for Sports Illustrated, I don’t remember any print publication getting recognition in a trading card set.

    I enjoy reading sports card blogs, but I don’t want to pull blog cards out of my next pack of Topps or Upper Deck.

    If you wanted to make your own baseball card / business card to promote your blog, that would be kind of cool, though.

  3. That is a really cool idea, Andrew. I think they would be a lot better then 2008 Bowman Baseball when Topps decided to insert scouts’ autographs.

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