Schlotzsky’s Comes Through

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen this last night, but earlier this year I was contacted by a marketing firm asking if I’d like to be part of a promotional campaign for the Schlotzsky’s Restaurant chain.  After I agreed, they sent me a bat holder & three trading cards that you would normally acquire after purchasing a meal at Schlotzsky’s.  All I had to do was send in a creative picture of the cards and in return receive a personalized mini bat.  Yesturday the UPS man dropped off a package from The Cooperstown Bat Company and inside was the inscribed bat.  I was expecting this little skinny thing you normally would see at a souvenir shop, but thats far from what it is.  Its actually about the size of a billy club and looks really cool.



This is the picture I used for the promotion.  These bobbleheads talk to me and tell me what products to buy 🙂  It might sound crazy, but its true.  Don’t yours do the same?

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