New eBay Purchase – Alexander Cartwright

eBay and the card blogosphere is addicted to the new Allen & Ginter.  It doesn’t matter if you hate it or love it, collectors are talking about it.  Last week I decided to browse eBay to see if there was anything being pulled from A&G that would go great in my collection.  I came across this Alexander Cartwright silk insert #’ed/10 and made the seller an offer.  I like to collect cards of older players/figures and thought this would fit in.  MLB recognizes Cartwright as the inventor of the game.  ’09 A&G has more cards of him than any other product I’ve seen.  He doesn’t have any relic cards and only has a few cut signatures.  This is one card that will stay in my collection forever.


2 Responses

  1. Hello. Nice article & eBay grab. I’m a huge Cartwright fan too, and recently purchased a full hand written and signed document from 1862 by Cartwright. Good to see a fellow fan talking about the Father of Modern Day Baseball. best regards. Chris. ps. I’m having trouble finding a good photograph to mat and frame with my signed letter. Any suggestions?

    • Wow! I can only imagine owning something like that. I know the Baseball HOF store has a great selection of photos, but not to buy online. You might be better off printing one off the computer if you have a printer made for printing high quality photos.

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