2009 Press Pass Legends Football SP List + Perfect Season Players

Today Press Pass releases one of their most popular products of the year – Legends Football.  There are two players featured in this product for the first time that I’m really excited about – Jim Kiick & Dick Anderson.  I collect players from the Miami Dolphins Perfect Season team and Kiick & Anderson don’t have a lot of autographed cards to collect.

The base set consists of 100 cards, and 10 of them are SP’s:

  • Ian Johnson #4
  • Juaquin Iglesias #36
  • Jarett Dillard #41
  • Graham Harrell #49
  • Bruce Smith #64
  • Frank Gifford #68
  • Paul Warfield #83
  • Bruce Smith #86
  • Bernie Kosar #98
  • Rod Woodson #99

I hope to open some ’09 Legends at this year’s National to take advantage of Press Pass’s Promotional Events.


Looking on eBay you’ll see many people stating certain base cards are SP’s when there’re not.  The players above are the official SP list directly from Press Pass.


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