PHOTOS: Crosscutters vs. Renegades – 7/21/09


Last night I went to Historic Bowman Field to watch the Williamsport Crosscutters play against the Hudson Valley Renegades.  I looked for an ’09 Team Set but they won’t get those in for another few weeks, so I picked up an older set from 2005 that I didn’t have.  Harry Kalas was on the front of their 2009 program so I got one and was able to get Luke Wertz and Korey Noles to sign it.  I got some great photos and even caught a foul ball!!!




Siulman LeBron



Leandro Castro at bat


Official New York-Penn League foul ball I caught

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  1. Hey, I’m not great with minor leaguers. I’m going to a baseball camp next week at Renegades Stadium, and a game the next Monday. Any autographs to look for? And when would you say go to get autographs? Thanks, please e-mail me the answers if you can to

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