Is There A Lawyer In The House?

During The National, I passed this one artist who painted a lot of really great sports images.  At their booth, they provided a few giveaways for collectors including these mini tobacco sized cards of Christy Mathewson.  Every weekend I usually list some cards to sell on eBay, and I thought I would give the Mathewson a chance.  Last night I received a message from another eBay user stating the following:

Kindly remove the Mathewson t-206 card given out at The National. This was a business venture using a personal card for Kreindler. Once it goes into the commercial mainstream it becomes liable to the estate and we had no prospect of making money from these cards. By leaving it up you give me no choice but to direct all legal inquiries to you now that you have been advised. I understand you are trying to be clever but it creates an actionable situation which I will not place Mr. Kreindler in.

Just to be on the safe side, I closed the auction.  I wasn’t expecting it to sell anyway, but thought I’d just give it a try.  If anyone else picked one of these up at The National, be very careful when trying to sell/trade it.


These 2009 Kreindler Paintings Christy Mathewson mini’s are really cool.  I think the artist should start his own card company.

5 Responses

  1. His artwork was amazing. I took one of the cards and the brochures near the front too. His Big 6 pictures were the best.

  2. does Kreindler have a website? I’d like to check out his artwork.

  3. From a legal standpoint, you can do whatever you want the card. I would have no problem selling it.

    The original manufacturer may not have the ability to put the card into the marketplace legally, but you certainly do. Similar to the Razor/Donruss Wade Miley situation. Donruss wasn’t legally allowed to create and market the card, but the end user certainly could.

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