Give Brian Grey A Big Hand: Paterno’s 1st Certified Autograph

In today’s industry it seems like everyone has a card, including Billy the Marlin.  One of the few people who doesn’t have a lot of cards would be the legendary coach of Penn State Joe Paterno.  I have to give Brian Grey of Razor a big hand because collectors have been waiting years for someone to make a certified autograph of Paterno.  His first certified autograph was found in Razor’s 2009 Sports Icons product and is serial numbered 1/1.  Last year Paterno was suppose to have an autograph in Topps Mayo but for some reason it never made it in, even though collectors saw pictures of it on the sell sheet and promotional video.  Currently this card is selling for $36.00 with 6 bids.  The auction closes tomorrow night and I bet the price will go through the roof when it gets closer to ending.


Update: The card ended at $238.00.

One Response

  1. I’d love for a company to make a Joe Pa certified auto, but that is not a certified auto — it’s just a cut signature — and it’s ugly …

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