2009 TRISTAR Obak Box Break/Review

2009 TRISTAR Obak baseball contains some of the first cards of individuals that helped shape the game of baseball and the hobby we all enjoy.  One of my favorite things to do with this product was just sit and read the back of each card.  There is so much historical information on each card, especially the Game Changers.  One thing I’m glad to see that TRISTAR did was put the history of Obak cards on the back of the box.  Reading that before opening my box almost reminded me of the yellow scrolling text at the begining of a Star Wars movie.  I really hope TRISTAR brings this product back in 2010 and includes some more historical figures that have yet to have a card.

Design: Photobucket

TRISTAR tried to keep the design of ’09 Obak as close as they could to the original 1909-11 set.  Some of the photos may look a little fuzzy, but in my opinion that could be because they wanted to try and keep the newer cards looking like the older ones or its because the photos they used of older players such as Candy Cummings needed to be edited.  Some pictures look as if they were cell shaded or lightly painted.  I like the simple design and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

TRISTAR obtained many photos of very old players from The Baseball Hall of Fame Library.  I find it entertaining to try and find the original photo they used to make the card.  Take this card of Candy Cummings for example.


Regular base card #77.  It looks as if he should be leaning on something.


Original photo from the 1870’s

I’m sure there are many other cards in the set that you could do this with, but the Cummings stood out the most to me.

Price: Photobucket

The price of Obak is starting to come down.  You can find sealed hobby boxes for around $70.00.  Some people might consider that a lot for a minor league card product, but I think its reasonable considering all the retired/HOFers that you can pull.

Hit Quality: Photobucket

Each hobby box states that you’ll receive 9 hits.  I pulled the following:

  • Juan Francisco Autograph #’ed/50
  • Ron Kittle Autograph #’ed/200
  • Murphy/Wallace/Vitters/Stanton uncut strip #’ed/3600
  • Pat Venditte #’ed/50
  • Spencer Harris #’ed/50
  • George Rawlings #’ed/50
  • Arnold John “Jigger” Statz mini #’ed/50
  • William Howard Taft #99 SP
  • Barack Obama #100 SP

If your looking for the hits to pay for the box, thats probably not going to happen not unless you pull some crazy one-of-one autograph or cut signature.  My favorite cards from this set are the Game Changers.  The only Game Changer I didn’t pull was Jack Norworth, writer of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”.

Overall: Photobucket

Overall I give this product 4 out of 5 baseballs (1=poor & 5=perfect).  This is one of the most educational baseball products ever created.  It has a great selection of current minor leaguers and retired/HOFers which attracts a wide array of collectors.  If TRISTAR does bring Obak back next year, I’d like to see Jefferson Burdick have a Game Changers card in the set.  Burdick was the author of The American Card Catalog and was the first person to ever try and classify cards.  I don’t see a need to fill a product like this with relics.  The Hobby is filled with enough jerseys already.  The only way I’d want relics in Obak is if they were the first relic cards made of older people like Dummy Hoy, Candy Cummings, or Henry Chadwick.  Relics of people like that are almost impossible to find, but maybe TRISTAR could their hands on something.  Another thing I’d like to see would be original Obak cards inserted into packs.  I think thats one of the coolest things they could do with a product like this.  I don’t think this product will get the attention it truly deserves.  I have a feeling if Topps or Upper Deck made a product like this it would get more attention, but thats just my opinion.


Earlier this year I wrote a post about how ’09 Allen & Ginter has a warning label on the box taking about how it contains small parts and could be a choking hazard.  After reading that it made me think that people were actually putting the mini’s in their mouth trying to eat them.  I find it ironic that on the back of the ’09 TRISTAR Obak replica mini’s it states the following, “Collect them all, as TRISTAR Obak is Fat Free and Good for Your Health.”


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  1. Card #77 is in actuality a printing error due to the fact they transposed the image. Instead of printing the original the printed the mirror image. Weird

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