My First Card Show Purchase

For some reason tonight I felt like looking up Willie Stargell stuff on eBay and I found a card that takes me way back to my early days of collecting.  When I attended my first card show back in the mid 90’s, in addition to meeting Scott Rolen while he was working his way through the Phillies organization, I would try to acquire cards of players whose signature I had on baseballs.  The first autographed baseball I ever received was Willie Stargell when I was 3 years old.  That day at the show I was looking for a Stargell card, especially one that wasn’t too expensive.  I remember finding this Willie Stargell 1970 Topps Scratch-Off card sitting in the front part of one of the dealer’s boxes.  This was my first purchase I ever made at a card show.  After awhile I stopped obtaining cards of every athlete I met and a few years ago this card made its way into another collector’s hands.

What was your first purchase at a card show?


One Response

  1. Nice memory, and a sweet card!

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