Press Pass Ventures Into Baseball

In all my years of collecting, it never occured to me why Press Pass didn’t produce baseball cards.  I guess I’ve always thought of them for making college football, basketball and NASCAR stuff.  I’m sure by now you’ve heard that in November they plan to release a new Multi-Sport product called Fusion.  It will cover baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR, MMA/wrestling, and the Olympics.  The price is what stands out to me with this product.  Each pack costs $9.99 and you’re guaranteed (2) hits inside.  Usually when your guaranteed a hit or two per pack the price is a lot more.  It sounds like an interesting product that I hope I can try.

Even though Upper Deck received an exclusive license to produce college cards, it doesn’t go into effect until April 2010.  Even after talking to my contact at Press Pass, they said Press Pass plans to produce college cards after the Upper Deck agreement goes into effect.  I have a feeling some airbrushing will be going on after April 2010.  Perhaps Press Pass plans to use this new $9.99 pricing strategy for other products next year.  That would be a good start to compete against Upper Deck.  When was the last time Upper Deck made a product that guaranteed (2) hits per pack and only cost $9.99?


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