Fancy Die-Cut Or Scam?

A few years ago I saw a Mickey Mantle card like this Cobb from 2004 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts.  I guess because the word “cuts” is in the product title that gives people the right to take a common base card and create their own die-cut inserts, which of coarse are always numbered 1/1.  This is just another example of a scam.  Maybe the seller did it, maybe not.  They could be trying to pass off their bad purchase to someone else.  I don’t see how someone could do this to a baseball card.  Was it the most valuable card in the world, heck no, but its still wrong.  If card manufacturers can cut up cards, I guess individuals can do the same.



2 Responses

  1. Somebody snuck into his wife’s craft room one night and started playing with her scrapbook tools.

    The man needs a hobby.

  2. It almost looks real good fake lol

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