Consolidate The Chrome

I think I’m speaking for a lot of of collectors when I say that Topps Chrome Baseball has lost a lot of appeal over the last few years.  You just don’t see the frenzy over Chrome Baseball like the Football version.  The last Topps Chrome Baseball box I opened was about four years ago and I remember pulling a Billy Butler First Year Refractor autograph.  Ever since the “Rookie Card” rules went into affect, Chrome Baseball has gone done hill.  Topps should stop making so many versions of Bowman and start including First Year Prospect cards back into Chrome Baseball.  Do we really need three versions of Bowman products?  They should just make Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects which feature regular Bowman cards plus Chrome ones as well.  They could spread some of those First Year Prospects throughout Chrome Baseball then.  About 99% of collectors treat the prospect cards as the true rookies anyway.  One thing that this year’s Topps Chrome Football did well, was that they included base rookies along with autographs.  This means you can collect just the base rookie of the player and/or the autographs.  With past releases, sometimes Topps would make just autographed cards of players with no base.

What are your opinions of Topps Chrome Baseball?  What do you think could be done to make it a better product?


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