National Badges On Fire

If any collector is lucky enough to be able to attend The National Sports Collectors Convention and purchase a VIP ticket, you know your going to get some exclusive stuff for your collection.  Of all the promos that come in the bag, one of my favorite things that you get are the badges needed to enter the show.  Usually a major manufacturer like Topps, Panini, or Upper Deck will sponsor the badges and place a base card inside.  This past year, Upper Deck did a great job with these badges.  In fact, they did such a good job collectors are purchasing these for their own collection.  You would think that a plain base card stuck between plastic wouldn’t be worth too much, but thats totally wrong.  Just take a look at the long list of badges currently up for sale.  So far only one has sold for $40.00 but thats still a lot for a base card.  I always sell/trade stuff that comes out of the VIP bags, but the badges I’ve always kept.  I own an Andy Pettitte and a Justin Morneau badge like the one pictured below.


2 Responses

  1. Any chance you’d be willing to sell your Pettitte badge? I’d love to add one to my Andy collection! Feel free to email me at epslette AT hotmail DOT com.

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